Katie Jayne has been wonderful with my son Jaxon from 2 weeks old . She really got me through the early stages and she is still my number 1 go to about Jaxon.
She had him sleeping through at 7 weeks and he is now 15 weeks and continues to do so. I was desperate and sleep deprived at the early stage and she was just wonderful!!!
I can’t recommend her enough.

Claire Sweeney ~ Liverpool/London

12th January 2015


Just like so many other people we had problems with our girls (1 yr nearly 4 yrs) sleepin through the nite waking up 6/7 times a nite on average. This has been goin on for a while and with me bak at wrk it was gettin us all down, we asked for sum help off a lady called Katie Jane who is a specialists in sleep training small children and babies. Over a week now and wot a difference she has made the girls now sleep 7-7 (although we ova slept till 7:50 this mornin 😳) we r so happy with the results and can’t recommend her enough. If anybody needs help with sleepin she is defo the person for you 👍🏻👍🏻😘

Sally Rowland ~ Leigh

19th September 2017


All I can say is Katie Jane is some type of sleep angel! My son who is 18months slept in my bed, didn’t nap in the day, wouldn’t go asleep unless I laid beside him for about 1 hour and would wake 2/3 times a nights and wouldn’t go back to sleep with out milk. I really didn’t have much hope of it working as I had tried cry it out before, and it never worked. The difference it makes having Katie Janes advice 24/7 throughout the programme is really what I found the biggest help. Her reassurance throughout it all really what makes a difference. Charlee took to the programme really fast on only the second night Charlee was going down in his on cot with only about 1 minute of crying, by the end he was going down with no fuss, also sleeping right through and napping for 2.5 hours in the day. Katie Jane is such a lovely lady and really genuinely does care about you. It’s nearly a month since I done the programme and I still been able to WhatsApp her when unsure on something. I think it so nice that she doesn’t just do the four days then leave you or expect any more money for her advice. I couldn’t recommend her enough I just only wish I had known about her sooner! Xxxx

Sarah Allan ~ Spain

19th March 2017