Katie-Jane is a miracle worker!

family-blankKatie-Jane is a miracle worker! I called upon her to help me with my 3 month old daughter who was refusing the bottle, waking after 30 minutes of her nap, needing to be walked back to sleep, and not settling nicely in the evening.

The first night at our house, Katie-Jane decided to tackle all of the above (and more) at once. She moved my daughter from her moses basket to her cot, unswaddled her, and had her drinking from a bottle at the 11pm feed. That night there was some protest crying, but as the evening went on, it get less and less. By the next day, my daughter’s naps had already lengthened in time and she no longer expected to be walked back to sleep.

That night, she went down without a peep and only a couple times in the night did she wake, only to quickly go back to sleep. By the third night, she was sleeping through.

Dana Van Tasel, New York, USA