Hi… I’m Katie-Jane…

…better known to my clients as The International Baby Whisperer…

My name is Katie-Jane Crosbie and over the last 25 years, I have personally helped hundreds of families find a restful night’s sleep with my proven 6 month old to 6 year old, sleep training routine.

Sleep deprivation can have an adverse affect on your home life, work life, relationship and general well-being, not to mention your child’s erratic sleep patterns can affect their day-time routine creating a vicious circle of family tiredness.

My tried and tested Sleep-training Programme was designed to offer my knowledge and experience along with my guidance and support, enabling my clients to bring routine, structure and rested nights sleep to their child and their lives. I have tailored the packages to make it flexible and affordable, for clients to choose a package that suits their needs and budget.

I truly am passionate about my work and feel privileged to work parallel with each and every one of my clients, to bring about the positive changes they need.

  • So where do I start….. one word for Katie-Jane sleep program is amazing �����
    My story goes like this, I was at my whits end with shear sleep deprivation when I stumbled across the sleep program. If i am honest, i though my boy will be the 1 and only 1 who this would not work for although Katie-Janes success rate and reviews being unbelievable.
    My little boy was 2, had never slept in his own bed, gone to sleep on his own let alone in his own room or bed. If I wanted lennon to go to bed we would all have to go up to my bed which he believed was his too and would have to lay with him and sneak out of the room when he was before he would notice me gone.
    Because my boy was in our bed, my daughter felt left out and she would also come in resulting to my husband not even able to get into the bed.
    My fault I know but it was just easier that way to begin with as he is such a sick baby boy from only a few weeks old not to mention colic, reflux and constipation oh and me being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. Now normally I would not mention this to anyone, not because I am ashamed of having it but it can happen and does happen to the best of us. Sleep deprivation and PND do not mix very well in my experience which was leaving me with melt downs left right and centre.
    I came to Katie-Jane in her gorgeous studio which just felt so gorgeous and had a lovely feel about it. I feel immediately welcomed by her big smile and cuddle I felt so at ease as this was just a whole big mess I was asking someone to help me sort out I mean how can anyone help unravel this??????
    Our consultation was very in depth as she went through absolutely everything with lennon from when he was born to present and also taking on board his illnesses and amount of time he spend in and out of hospital and assured me that she can help me, I felt so relived I started to cry. Not because I was sad, but because I was desperate to have my boy in a routine for his own good and she told me 100% by following her programme that by the end of it we will have the routine I’ve just wanted for so long.
    The support that is given is what makes this program priceless especially as I was a bag of nerves expecting to be all all night with no sleep and lennon screaming the house down.
    Night 1 nursery day – 7pm I followed the plan and it took me 1 hour and 28 minutes to settle him with him screaming and only settling when I went it. The longest time of my life as I was feeling bad but I had the support and guidance from Katie-Jane which got me through that. He only woke once during the night and then right back off until 7am. I got a message that morning asking how the night went, only to say unbelievable. He has never ever slept in his own bed, let alone his own room and gone to sleep on his own. Lennon woke up in a lovely, happy mood.
    Night 2 nursery day – 7pm I followed the plan and tonight took me 25 minutes to get him to sleep. Again only woke once and right back to sleep. Had to wake the little lazy bones up. Again woke up in a gorgeous mood.
    Night 3- included a nap at 12.30 which again due to no structure he would some days and not others. Took me 17 mins to settle him.
    Bedtime 7pm – sleep right away and did not wake up until 6.35am.
    Night 4- had a fight on my hands as lennon did not want a nap but was absolutely shattered. He gave in after about a hour and only had 20 mins but I knew he was coming down with something and was worried about the training as it is going amazing.
    Night 7pm- took me 1 hour to get him asleep due to him not being well at all
    The support I got from Katie-Jane was just wonderful she made me feel like superwoman as I did not EVER think that I could have him in a routine.
    This training has been the best money I have ever spend and I do hope that other parents know thay with the help of Katie-Jane anything is possible.
    This has helped me beyond words and I can’t express how grateful i am for meeting you and more importantly your program. I hope other mums don’t suffer know knowing that this AMAZING woman can help you too. My boy now sleeps 7pm-7am in his own bed in his own room. Xxxx

    Michelle Ferguson ~ Liverpool 4th April ’17’
  • Katie Jayne has been wonderful with my son Jaxon from 2 weeks old . She really got me through the early stages and she is still my number 1 go to about Jaxon.
    She had him sleeping through at 7 weeks and he is now 15 weeks and continues to do so. I was desperate and sleep deprived at the early stage and she was just wonderful!!!
    I can’t recommend her enough.
    Claire Sweeney

    Claire Sweeney ~ Liverpool / London 12th Jan ’15’
  • I cannot recommend Katie-Jane enough and am so grateful that my friend found her contact details for me . She literally saved my life . Suffering from severe sleep deprivation- which contributed massively to my Pnd – my 9 month old slept for precisely 26 minutes in the day and woke every 2 hours during the night ) she’d woken every 2 hours for all of that time . Despite Health Visitor help and intervention nothing worked . I needed to go back to work . Impossible with so little sleep. She stayed with us for 3 nights. She supported us through the sleep training process and 3 nights later … we were good to go .

    My daughter has slept amazing well ( although up until a year ago – she’s 7 now – still liked to be up at 5 am )I cannot thank her enough.

    Siobhan Crompton
  • All I can say is Katie Jane is some type of sleep angel! My son who is 18months slept in my bed, didn’t nap in the day, wouldn’t go asleep unless I laid beside him for about 1 hour and would wake 2/3 times a nights and wouldn’t go back to sleep with out milk. I really didn’t have much hope of it working as I had tried cry it out before, and it never worked. The difference it makes having Katie Janes advice 24/7 throughout the programme is really what I found the biggest help. Her reassurance throughout it all really what makes a difference. Charlee took to the programme really fast on only the second night Charlee was going down in his on cot with only about 1 minute of crying, by the end he was going down with no fuss, also sleeping right through and napping for 2.5 hours in the day. Katie Jane is such a lovely lady and really genuinely does care about you. It’s nearly a month since I done the programme and I still been able to WhatsApp her when unsure on something. I think it so nice that she doesn’t just do the four days then leave you or expect any more money for her advice. I couldn’t recommend her enough I just only wish I had known about her sooner! Xxxx

    Sarah Allan
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    Dana Van Tasel, New York, USA
  • Katie-Jane is a lovely warm person, who exuded calm confidence and it was a pleasure to have her in our home. Read more…

    Jo Harrison, Knutsford
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    Jill Clarke, Appleton